• Got Questions: Kooda for your Home

    Why we organise thing the way we do, and frequently asked questions.

    How do I choose between weekly and monthly payments?

    Kooda collects, on demand, whether you pay your subscription on a monthly basis or weekly.

    So, whichever you choose, you can put your bucket(s) out when they are full, a bit gross, or you are going away for the weekend. You don't have to wait for bin day.

    What do you mean by "on demand"?

    Our service goal is within 24 "daylight hours" from when you put it out.

    When you "hit the button" the local gatherers will see the pickup on thier own app. They get paid for each bucket, but we count how long it takes for them to get it.

    We don't want to encourage them to be tripping over your garden gnome in the middle of the night (nobody wants that) so the timer stops overnight.
    It's timed for two reasons:-

    • We want to get the food scraps from the kitchen into a healthy composting process as soon as possible
    • Our gatherers are paid for faster collections so you get good service. Our system  encourages co-operation with a little bit of competition between gatherers.  

    When are you coming to my area?

    We're Training Gatherers as fast as we can move.

    Check the box in the "service availability" section of the web app to be notified when we are in the area that you searched in.

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