• New Kooda Household

    Welcome and thanks for signing up with Kooda!

    What Happens Next?

    1. Get your Kooda Bucket
    We will deliver your first two Kooda buckets to you soon. We give you a spare bucket so that you can still use one while the other is outside waiting to be picked up. Pick ups are generally within 24hrs, although sometimes a gatherer will wait for a few buckets to be out before doing a round. We encourage same day service!

    2. Start Saving Your Scraps
    You can put most food scraps into your Kooda bucket, with a few exceptions. These exceptions matter as we feed your scraps to our worms and we want to keep them healthy! The major no-no is pet-waste, as if you have wormed your little friend then this will kill our worms!

    Please take a minute to check out what can go in the bucket, you will also get a reminder card for your fridge when you receive your first buckets.

    What's in & What's out →


    3. Request a Pickup

    When full, or you would like it emptied, seal the bucket and place it outside in a safe but accessible place.

    Then use our online web app, at app.kooda.co, to let us know it's ready for pickup. It's as simple as pressing a button.

    Important 1st Time Use!

    The first time you use the web app you need to create an account. It's super easy to log in with your Facebook or Google account, but you can sign up with a username and password also. (Don't worry, you won't need to sign in each time.)

    If you would like multiple email addresses associated with your Kooda account then you may need to provide us with your 6-letter code to link up your account.

    Your 6-letter code was sent to you in an email. It looks like the one below. Don't lose this code as you may need it later, or if you need to give access to anyone else in your household.

    Your Household Code: CHNDYI

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    What is the Skull and Cross-Bones for? 



    Sometimes there are, well, not so nice things that get put in a Kooda bucket, and we know that! Not everything is fresh strawberry tops and clean carrot peelings.


    Our gatherers need to open the bucket to empty them, and we want to look after their health, so we ask that if you've put anything suspicious in the bucket, that you "flag it" with us. This warns the gatherers to prepare to bury it in the compost and wear a face-mask to protect their lungs.


    Sample reasons to "flag" a bucket:

    a) It has a chicken carcass inside.

    b) You cleaned out the fridge, and it was a bit sus, and you think you should warn the gatherer.

    c) There is lots of mould.

    d) There are unspeakables, such as maggots.

    e) You forgot about it, and it's been stewing for a while.


    We hope you like using the buckets!

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