• Glass Jar Library

    Re-use is better than Road-base.

  • You wash your jars, just like you do now.

    Collect up 12 clean, identical jars with lids.

    Our Gatherer Collects your Jar Set.

    Then delivers them to the Glass Jar Library.

    The Glass Jar library allows SMEs and cottage industries to purchase large quantities of identical jars for their business. No MOQs from China, and a little cheaper. Re-use is better than Road base.

    An economy for everyone

    We split the value with you!

    Once a set of Jars sell, you- the home-supplier" and the gatherer will both get a proportion of the sale price paid to you through the kooda App.

  • This project is seeking partners and collaborators.

    Please contact us if you are interested.

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