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    Some of the "why" we do things like we do, and other frequently asked questions.

    Bucket Sizes

    Commerically, we use a standard 20L bucket for Bin Drawers or freestanding in the kitchen. 5L buckets near the coffee machine for coffee grounds, and tea bags complement the in drawer bins.

    The dimensions of the bucket are:


    Standard Bins are often 100-150L, Why do you use such a small container?

    Normal bins contain a mixture of containers, paper and cardboard in addition to foodwaste. These light items bulk out a bin, and make a 100L bin bag carryable.


    Foodwaste on it's own is heavy. A 100L bin of just watermelon can and does weigh up to 90kg!

    For OH & S reasons, we limit the size of the buckets we move and carry around to 20L/ 20Kg. 


    You will find that carrying the bucket out and switching for a clean one from your kitchen or office will be done at about the same frequency that most people would change out a garbage bag. Just with no potential for drips, or messing around with bags.


    Create more than 500L/week in one place?

    For larger operations, we can arrange to have a 660L skip bin in your bin area and emptied multiple times per week.

    We love working out way to use these as hubs for our household collections, so please talk to us about discounted costs when we do this!

    Co Lab Coffee has packages that we know we can compost!

    Why Buckets:

    A bucket does not look like a bin.

    People are more careful about what they put in the compost bucket as it looks different to a bin.


    Bin Bags (compostible or not) often create fiddly hassles, and when torn can drip bin juice (something everyone has experienced). We find a soft wet cloth with a detergent will clean up most bin areas quite quickly, without the need for a plastic bag.  


    Quality Control: Buckets are also emptied individaully by staff and we can remove any contamination at this point. This allows us to have very low contamination rates, and keep the heavy metals/plastic contamination out of our final product.

    Coffee without Waste: The Co Lab coffee have reduced waste in all parts of their supply chain and roasting.


    Need to know how much you are diverting?

    Our Staff do weigh buckets as they come back in, so it's possible can issue you a weekly report for your environmental management system ISO 14001, BCorp or other certiications.


    We also send out a monthly poster for your office/ business that showcases how much you have diverted using our organics, foodwaste collection service.   

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