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Composting As A Service

Reasons Businesses are using Kooda

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Kooda has begun implementing compost collection services for Hotels and Professional kitchens recently. We thought it worth listing some of the many benefits of "composting as a service" for business!

1. Cleaner Kitchen areas #1 Kooda buckets are washed by Kooda and a constant supply of clean white bins is available for use as needed. As a result, the kitchens are cleaner, staff or cleaners do not need to wipe down/ hose down or wash bins within the kitchen.

2. Cleaner Kitchen areas #2 Time is spent installing plastic bags into the bins within the kitchen. No plastic bags need to be purchased. Plastic garbage bags do not end up in landfill with your waste enclosed.

3. Cleaner Kitchen areas #3 Bins and Bin compounds do not smell, and have less potential for cockroaches and other vermin that climb into skip bins and tear holes in plastic bags full of enticing food scraps.

4. Save Money #1 Mainstream Waste collection services are ordered in high frequently to remove food-scraps before they start become putrid. Removing the putrescibles changes the category of the mainstream waste, making it cheaper to dispose of, as well as being able to be collected less frequently due to a large reduction in volumes and the reality that it will not stink.

5. Environment #1 Every kg of food-scraps that turns putrid in landfill is 1.9kg of CO2 equivalents into the atmosphere. By sending your scraps to be composted by Kooda, you are directly reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Environment #2 Kooda can provide weekly reports on the volumes and/or weight of food-scraps collected from Businesses. These reports document your diversion rates and feed into corporate sustainability reporting as required by ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems.

7. Happy-staff #1 Staff frequently become frustrated at the amount of wastage in commercial kitchens and wish that composting or feeding the waste to chickens or other animals was possible. Implementing Kooda’s services is a “feel good” solution for employees leading to staff retention.

8. Grow #1 Kitchen gardens are common for cooks who prefer the freshest ingredients and who like to grow herbs and some vegetables somewhere on the premises. Kooda delivers small volumes of highly concentrated soil conditioner back for growing. Some of our customers have auctioned the castings off to staff to take home while others utilise on site.

9. Grow #2 Indoor plants and office herb gardens are frequently grown in offices to aid in staff mental health and the office atmosphere. Tins of castings provide a lovely smell-free organic solution to keeping them healthy and happy. One of our customers auctioned off the castings they received as they were in hot demand!

10. Grow #3 The Brand Equity of being seen to be green and environmentally friendly is HUGE and on the rise, especially with regards to zero-waste is the current talk of our nation. There is immense benefit to your brand for being seen to do the right thing with regards to waste. Kooda is active in promoting the strides that are being made by businesses and our partners in this area.

So there you go! Email us to talk about how we can do composting for your business!

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