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    A new approach to waste

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  • What is KOODA?

    Many things.

    RESPECT for the soil, and land

    Kooda is the Nyoongar word for a carrying bag or gathering basket. The Nyoongar people are the indigenous people of the Perth Region in Western Australia. At Kooda, we acknowledge them as the traditional owners of the land that our cities exist upon. The Nyoongar people have a strong connection to the land, and at Kooda, we hope to take kitchen waste and return it back to the land in a valuable form.

    A KOODA is for YOUR Kitchen

    A "compost bucket" for those who cannot compost themselves. You separate your scraps in the Kooda bucket and we do your composting for you. Designed to fit into the modern kitchen and free cooks from the smells, 'bin juice' and potential pathogens associated with food scraps and leftovers from cooking.

    KOODA is each of us ACTING for our climate

    Food-scraps, leftovers and other organic waste are "putrescible" in landfill. When deprived of oxygen inside a plastic bag, compacted down with other wastes and then capped in landfill, the organic matter breaks down into water and a gas called methane, instead of breaking down healthily into the rich compost products we expect. This water is alkaline and, when mixed with the rest of the waste in landfill, creates a toxic "leachate" that is costly and expensive to manage from the base of the landfill site.


    Methane is a potent green-house gas, with 25 times the greenhouse potential of carbon dioxide. It is currently managed by "flaring" off, or small scale energy generation at the landfill site. The efficiency of the flaring is around 40%, meaning most of the methane emitted contributes to greenhouse gas emission.


    Separating the organic matter from landfill, composting it in a controlled fashion, and returning the carbon to the ground places it back into the soil cycle and keeps it out of the atmosphere.

    KOODA is a start-up!

    Kooda is a start-up company created by Carly Hardy in 2016 with the vision of seeing the diversion of food-wastes from landfill, starting with the kitchens where it is generated, and returning the carbon back into the soil cycle. It also aims to create employment for those unable to hold down time-based, un-flexible working hours.


    Carly is a chemical engineer who spent quite a few years sitting on the sideline of this industry's efforts at greenhouse gas mitigation, while working as a quality engineer on Medical Devices. She became interested in organic waste when realising that the volume created by her 7 person household (she had 3 girls, a nanny and a boarder at the time) could not be effectively processed in her backyard with the time available to her. After moving to Perth in January 2016, Carly realised she had nothing to lose and decided to throw her energies into a cause that she was passionate about.


    Kooda aims to develop the technology, processes and jobs needed to efficiently process organic waste in high density urban environments close to the site of generation. With 60% of the population expected to be living in urban areas by 2050, trucking the waste out to large, open areas for processing (such as windrow composting) will not be feasible, and incineration (where the organic matter is burned into CO2) sends all the carbon into the atmosphere, which further pollutes our air quality.


    Kooda obtained seed-funding from an angel investor in December 2016 and is currently running a trial collection system and building up its processing capacity in Perth, Australia. Expressions of interest for further seed funding or grants can be directed to hello@kooda.co

  • Who is Kooda for?

    Household Kitchens

    Clean up your kitchen. No more bin juice. No more waiting for bin night to clean out the fridge.

    Just put your scraps in the bucket and leave it outside your front door when it's ready to be picked up. We will do the rest, and deliver back lovely castings on a regular basis for your indoor plants or garden.

    Strata Bodies

    Talk to us about a managed compost bin (will fit into bin rooms) or a simple collection point for subscribing apartment dwellers within your complex.


    Kooda are bringing composting solutions to urban high density dwellings.

    Commercial Kitchens, Cafes, and Offices

    Staff FEEL the frustration of throwing out food waste. Make them happy with our conveniently sized kitchen buckets. Simply place your kitchen scraps into the bucket and leave it at a collection point. We will exchange for clean ones as we collect the rest.

    Reliable, on-demand collection using the app, or a regular service.

    Property Developers

    Need to add to your sustainability portfolio?

    We're aiming high.


    Kooda is developing a serviced small space, low smell solution for processing the organics from all residents of high rise and apartment blocks. Talk to us about partnership opportunities as we demonstrate our capability. Hello@kooda.co

  • Meet Our Team

    Meet the people behind the movement.

    Carly Hardy

    Founder and CEO

    (Chief Energetic Officer)

    Sylvain Cau

    Tech Lead


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